Fund Raisers


Santa Clarita Lanes and You!

Let's Raise Money Together!

Women's or PTA (PTSA, PAC) Bowling League Fundraiser

PTA Moms, Sisterhoods, Congregation Members and everyone else who wants to Exercise, Have Fun and Raise Money! Bowl Three Games Weekly. Coffee or Tea and Shoe Rental are included!

Example: If you create a league with: 40 Women for 20 Weeks

40 People pay $10.00 Weekly = $400.00

Your Organization Takes Half! = $200.00

$200.00 Weekly X 20 Weeks = $4,000.00

$4,000.00 Donated to Your Organization!

Mom and Tot/Child Fundraiser! (Children Age 4 and Older)

Mom's can finally have an inexpensive alternative to the usual "Mommy and Me" classes and raise money for your organization! Mom and Child Bowling is weekday mornings or afternoons only. Coffee or Tea and Shoe Rental are included!

Example: Create a group with: 25 Moms and Their Children for 15 Weeks

25 Moms and Kids Bowl for $10.00 Weekly = $250.00

Your Organization Takes Half!          =          $125.00

$125.00 per Week x 15  Weeks       =        $1875.00

$1875.00 Donated to Your Organization!

BOWL-A-THON   A great idea for schools, teams and groups of all kinds.

Example: 100 participants.   Each participant bowls three games. Each participant is required to get a minimum of five sponsors. Sponsors will pledge $05 per pin, minimum. Minimum score per game is 100 points.

$.05 cents X 100 points per game = $5.00 Sponsorship per Game Bowled

3 Games X $5.00 = $15.00 per Sponsor (minimum!)

$15.00 (per Sponsor) X 5 Sponsors = $75.00 earned per participant

$75.00 X 100 participants = $7500.00

We take $10.00 per participant

$6500.00 Net Donated to Your Organization!

*We have an option available that will give every participant 2 slices of pizza and soft drink for an additional $5.00 per person.